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Communicating In A Time Of Crisis

While it seems that the world around us may be shutting down it is more important now, more than ever, to makes sure that we DON’T shut down – and that includes making sure you are communicating with your clients.

There is a very delicate balance that you need to maintain. Now is not the time to be selling your product when tens of thousands of people are dying, and millions are out of work. Instead, now is the time to let people know that you are just as much touched by the current situation as they are. Yes, we are all affected in different ways, but we are all affected.

Social media posts, email marketing, radio or television ads – they all need to be sensitive and supportive and most of all – repetitive. Yes, I said it, repeat yourself. People are craving that reassuring message, that feeling of support, that emotion of understanding – but they are so preoccupied with everything else going on they probably won’t hear your message the first 20 times you put it out there.

Most of America is home. Most of us are siting in front of a computer or TV; and almost all of us want to hear some good news. So, go share a happy thought, a reassuring message or a picture that will make someone smile. Stay top of mind, stay true to your heart and message, and most of all stay safe and healthy and remind everyone else you come in contact with to do the same.

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